The Conversation Workshop presents Episode 2

How Is Your Image Hindering Or Hurting You?

Learn How To Show Up And Create The Impact You Want To Make

A virtual workshop Featuring a real conversation about how you show up in your wardrobe and life for impact, followed by a Live Q&A session

Thursday, April 25th @ 1pm - 2:30pm EST on Zoom (a replay will be sent to you after in case you miss anything)

How you show up is an integral part of how you lead in all areas of your life. It impacts how you feel about yourself and the way you are perceived by other. But what if the fear of failing, the fear of success, or just that annoying voice in your head convinces you it’s not worth trying? Trying to be better…bolder…more of who you are. Simply put, the best version of who you can be for yourself and those around you.

This workshop will address the ways in which you can show up as the most authentic version of yourself in multiple areas of your life, by connecting what you feel on the inside with what you see on the outside. Addressing image and perceptions to create a compilation that represents you is ideal in leading from a place of authority and being brave even when it’s scary.

Outside forces can affect your perception of how you can or can’t show up, and we want to discuss and debunk these myths. So bring your generational and societal stories so we can talk about if these stories are truly serving you.

Begin down the path of being the change you want to see in the world by beginning with your personal and professional brand.

Join Erica and Nicole Otchy, a personal stylist and personal branding consultant, for an unfiltered conversation on the intersection of how you show up fully and create impact with how you lead. And hang out afterwards for a Q&A where you can ask for clarity and support!


Meet your partners in conversation for this amazing workshop!

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Erica Courdae is an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, writer, and speaker who helps people connect through conversations that challenging female business leaders to be the change they want to see. By voting with their dollars, supporting other female owned or oriented businesses, and hiring from a place of support across racial and cultural lines, change happens.

Nicole Otchy is a personal stylist and personal branding consultant who helps women to feel confident and powerful as they build their businesses and brands so they can spread their message and impact more people. In addition to working with 1:1 client, she has styled photo shoots for personal branding clients, major retail brands, and print and digital magazines.


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