A Few Of My Services

I am here to support you through doing this work while not giving you any shame or guilt. Guiding you as you move or begin down the path of allyship and support of those that do not have the type of representation that they need. You are not here to feel bad about what you don't know. Or to be belittled for what you have done or not done.

You will feel uncomfortable, but you will not be shamed here.
You will be challenged, but you will not be belittled here.
I will call you up, but I am not here to call you out.
I am here to support you as you do the work.


Speaking & Training

Words are an important and impactful tool to make shit happen. And considering what reality looks like outside of what you consider normal is a way to expand your awareness. This is where I come in. Workshops and speaking engagements (on stages and in group settings) provide a place for conversation that can open minds and create impact for good. This is great when you are looking to evaluate and create a more inclusive environment in your business or organization, or to expand your company culture.

  • Events are available in person or virtually via platforms like Zoom (local, national, and international travel is available)

  • Focus can be tailored to address your goals and create individualized action plans

  • Topics discussed include: Imperfect Allyship, What Diversity-Equity-Inclusion means, and the Diversity of Diversity


Ask All The Things Call

Evaluating efforts and growth leads to awareness. This is our one-on-one time to talk through how you can achieve your goals through imperfect action. Together we can design a plan to execute and evaluate your efforts, or simply discuss where you are and what your next steps are. This is great when you are doing things like moving though being or beginning to be an imperfect ally and are looking for support, but want the privacy of a one-on-one session.

Some of the things we can cover include :

  • How to approach diversity conversations in your organization or group

  • Debriefing things like your messaging in a pre or post-launch debrief

  • Conversation are held via video chat (Zoom) or phone (replays available upon request)

30 min calls start at $150. 60 minute calls start at $275. Book a free consultation with me to get the conversation started and ensure we are a great fit for each other.

*Custom packages are available including monthly and quarterly calls for maximum impact and accountability


The DEI In Business Workshop Series

This series is for the business owner looking to bring DEI (Diversity + Equity + Inclusion) into your business and utilize your privilege as a platform to dismantle systems and frameworks meant to marginalize and separate. These virtual workshops feature audience driven conversation about how businesses bring their ethics and values to the forefront. This has a community element that allows for shared learning and awareness. What happens in the workshops, stay in the workshops.

  • This is a great place to start and bring your questions or challenges to receive feedback and action steps prior to beginning a one-on-one package

  • It is a 60 min Q&A style session (all held via Zoom)

  • This is ideal for individuals or brands with multiple team members