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It’s time to step fully into who you were meant to be by letting go of who you thought you should be.

What if you are not experiencing imposter syndrome

What if this is the feeling of becoming more of who you are?

You’re moving into coaching and seeing what this new realm looks like. How this is different from your previous career. How you now have the space to recreate yourself in an image that truly reflects the different facets of you. And you aren’t being told by a boss who you should be. You get to choose.

How does your identity now shift and change as you choose who and how you are in your coaching career?

You are not an imposter.

The imposter is who you are unbecoming.

You are becoming the most aligned version of yourself so far.

What is possible for you as a coach and a person when you step into your authenticity?

You will have the chance to

  • Learn how to “stay in your lane”

  • See you are enough as you are right now

  • Dive into who you are vs who you’ve been

  • Get clear on how you work best vs how you “should” work as a coach

  • Get clear on the client you really want vs the client you think you “should” have

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People say you know when you love something if you’d do it for free. Well that’s what I’ve done for as long as I can remember. And now I do it with intention.

I am the CEO of a successful hair and makeup business that disrupted industry standards to consider the beauty of those not regularly featured. Hair texture, skin tone, sexual orientation, age. These are labels, but they do not define who you are. As an educator, I would not allow societal indicators (skin tone, etc) to rule the mindsets of my students and ruin the creation of individual thoughts. Eventually the common threads came together for me and I began my path of becoming a coach and consultant, combining 20+ years of knowledge and experience. I create a space of dialogue that creates real and impactful change in life and business.

Now, I’m here to challenge you and talk from a place of desiring to go beyond the surface. Question what you believe for growth. Challenge assumptions and shatter expectations with words. My name is Erica, and it’s time to talk my dear.

Stop should’ing all over yourself and book your call today!