The Conversation Workshop presents Episode 1

Diversity & Inclusion Within Your Marketing

A virtual workshop to listen to a real conversation about how it works, followed by a Live Q&A session

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Ready to be a part of a powerful conversation about how to market from a place of intention and inclusion?

Marketing is a way to show up in front of your clients with a message that shows them you get it. You understand them and what they need. Want. But what if your audience doesn’t see or hear themselves represented in what you put out?

This workshop will address the ways in which you can identify how you want to highlight and showcase diversity for your brand, without falling into stereotypical pitfalls that can do more harm than good. How to talk to and with your clients from the very start.

Begin down the path of being the change you want to see in the world by beginning with your business.

Join Erica for her conversation with Stacey Harris, CEO of The Stacey Harris and Uncommonly More for an unfiltered conversation on the intersection of Diversity & Inclusion with how you market your business. And hang out afterwards for a Q&A where you can ask for clarity and support for your own marketing!


Meet your partners in conversation for this amazing workshop!

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Erica Courdae is an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, writer, and speaker who helps people connect through conversations that challenging female business leaders to be the change they want to see. By voting with their dollars, supporting other female owned or oriented businesses, and hiring from a place of support across racial and cultural lines, change happens.

The Stacey Harris is a social media strategist and trainer working with frustrated entrepreneurs who are tired of spending hours online with no results. Through her podcast, live video, membership community, and consulting she helps business owners take control of their social and actually see results so they can up their income.