Vote With Your Dollars 

When you wake up to the power of money and how it’s an impactful way to use your voice, well you can make a hell of a change happen. This is where you decide to spend your money in ways that stand behind your values and ethics.

Enter the Vote With Your Dollars Directory.

This is a living list, which means it is always being edited and expanded. Business and service providers are added to this list by falling under one or more of the following criteria.

As always, check in and do your research to see who fits best with your individual choices for how to vote with your dollars.

  • Minority owned

  • Donates to charities/non-profits that benefit marginalized groups (eg, after-school programs in inner-city schools, domestic violence victims)

  • Showcases diversity in race, size, age, ect for models

  • Highlights diversity in hiring, marketing, and business practices

  • Ethical and/or sustainable manufacturing processes

  • Fair Trade Factory Certified

If you know of or love a company that you think would be a great addition to this list send it to us at