No Blocks Here

I know how to write the stories that reel you in
I know the passages you read and follow to inhale my scent
I am the tone you tap with your fingers on the table
The taste you seek when nothing satisfies
The everything you walk through life following by choice

~Erica Courdae

That got your attention, huh? I love writing poems and they double as amazing conversation starters 😉

So this is an excerpt from a poem that I posted another part of on IG a while back. And while the poem has parts of it that to some may seem explicit, the point that I really wanted to focus on wasn't the sexual or sensual part at all. It was more around the fact that women aren't allowed to be comfortableIn their sexuality and be free to feel that without being shamed.

When women speak in frank and bold ways it draws attention. It catches eyebrows. It makes breath catch in the throat in exasperation. Why though? I am allowed to be frank and bold just as much as the next person. And more than anything, I am allowed to feel all of my feels fully. These are just some of the many emotions that make up who I am.

Somehow being in touch with your feminine energy and any sexual or sensual extension of that deems us as all kinds of derogatory words that I won’t utter here. They get no time in my air space. But I think it's interesting that as we have to push down these types of feelings within ourselves, it can cause a lot of blockages in other places.

Are you allowing yourself to fully feel your other range of emotions?

Are you allowing yourself to fully show up as the most powerful version of yourself?

Are you open to fully expanding and opening your mind to new thoughts and feelings around you?

When you shut off pieces of yourself it doesn't only stay in one area. It's almost like it festers and spreads through you in the worst kind of way. So if you begin to shut the doors, eventually darkness creeps in. When you can't see because of the shadows and you're not allowing your own light to shine, let alone other light to shine through, this is not allowing yourself to flourish in any way, shape, or form.

It is your birthright to flourish, bloom, and let the petals fall everywhere as you relish the feel of them across your skin. Remember that.


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