You know we are...

Women are powerful as fuck. 

If we weren’t then there would be no need to keep us down or underestimate our power and impact. We don’t even know the full extent of our own power. 

Kind of scary right? But here’s the thing. Scary means that you just have to let yourself hop that hurdle to get to the promise land of your full potential. I know that I get nervous to show up and speak my truth and use my voice to talk about what I think and feel. But not doing it just ain’t happening. I’m here for it all folks. 

So here is a place where we can share and support each other when it gets scary. When you want to run, say it. When you want to go silent, ask for strength. When you feel and it gets too full in that heart of yours, empty it out to make room for more. 

Feel your feels and let it just be.

Remember…just stay in the room AND be present. Hold my hand if you need to.


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